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Get Mindful: Wellness Experts Drop Knowledge on How to Practice Wellness

Ally Love, is the host of the Brooklyn Nets, a Peloton Cycle Instructor, the founder of the Love Squad and Model. We partnered up with this #BossBabe to gain wellness tips from a health and fitness perspective:

“As a part of the slash generation, my days vary from hosting Nets’ games, teaching classes at Peloton, to literally running around for photoshoots whether that’s on set for Adidas Women or other clients, and of course, running my business, the Love Squad. Something that I’m keen not to overlook, is the importance of sleep. It sets me up to produce quality work while looking my very best since I interact with many people.”

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Get In Killer Shape In Just 9 Minutes

If you think committing to working out means regular, hour-long slogs on cardio machines or marathon sessions in the weight room, quit playing that mind game. “The latest science proves that workouts that incorporate periods of high-intensity activity are the most efficient way to burn fat, strengthen your heart, and improve your work capacity,” says Brynn Putnam, personal trainer and owner of Refine in NYC. And by pushing your peaks, even in a short session, your body learns to function at a higher level. In other words, you’ll get fitter, stronger, and more adaptable for all kinds of activities, from running a race to dancing all night long.

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#WEAREMORE: Good Vibes Only with ADIDAS Ambassadors Ally Love and Chinae Alexander

The hustle that is New York is a perfect environment for adidas ambassadors, Ally Love and Chinae Alexander. Both of these ladies work non-stop to accomplish their goals in respected industries and both embody the mindset of what Finish Line Women are all about.

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Strength Building Lessons Men Can Learn From Women

You may be used to getting dating advice from your best girl pal, so why not fitness advice? We tapped some of New York City’s hottest female trainers for their top strength training tips.

1. “Wake up your muscles up before you start to train.” — Ally Love, Peloton Instructor and founder of Love Squad

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16 Women Share The Reasons Why They Started Running

As a fitness model and dancer, no one felt sorry for me, a girl who seemed athletic but couldn’t actually run a mile. Two years ago, I decided to change that. Authenticity became an important brand value as I set out in the Big Apple to advance my sports hosting career. A girlfriend of mine signed me up for the Central Park Half Marathon, and this was the catalyst for running becoming a lifestyle, not a trend, for me.

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G-ShockMane Addicts

A Chat with Brooklyn Nets Host / Cycling Instructor / Model / Natural Hair Icon / Ally Love

On paper, Ally Love (@allymisslove) is a model, host, business owner, fitness guru and commercial dancer. IRL, however, she’s all of us: a doughnut lover living in NYC who considers her hair her best accessory. Okay, maybe she’s not ALL of us but she’s definitely real and a true inspiration for #girlbosses everywhere. And her hair? Also an inspiration and one that I needed to know more about. How does she keep it looking SO GOOD, even through long days and tough cycling workouts? Keep reading for a scoop inside her world.

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G-ShockG-SHOCK S Series Collection

Fitness fanatic Ally Love highlights the watches in a new campaign.

The collection was made for the modern woman-on-the-go who needs a watch to keep up with both her active lifestyle and wardrobe, like Ally Love. As a certified health coach, professional dancer and model, she’s a fitness fanatic who’s never not moving yet found time to highlight the watches that match her momentum.

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The Workout Move You CAN’T Skip

Featuring Ally Love

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nu-mode-ally-love-thumbHooped Up

The Distraction: Ally Love

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Nets game host Ally Love interviews Irina Pavlova, President of Onexim Sports and Entertainment

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The Queen of Barclays Center

If you’ve ever been to the Barclays Center, you’ve been in presence of royalty.

Dubbed as the ‘Queen of Barclays’ Ally Love (yes, that’s her real name) is the MC for all Nets home games.

Love talks to Scott about her role as an energizer for thousands of fans.

She also apologizes for not giving out enough T-shirts.

Barclays Center Hot Spots

Ally Love gives tour of Barclays Center hot spots

As NBA All-Star Weekend in February nears, PIX11 will be your home for exclusive coverage of the festivities in heart of Brooklyn.

Scott Stanford caught up with Ally Love, the Nets Arena MC, who showed him a couple of hot spots around Barclays.

nu-mode-ally-love-thumbLove is All you Need

“I wanted to be able to speak freely, I want to say what I think and ask people questions,” said Love.

“I’m very social – I’ve got the gift of gab. I was like, how can I utilize this and allow it to take me to the next level?”

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NETS-master675New York Times Quote

“So enjoy,” Love said, “as you’ll be witnessing some N.B.A. history.”

Before the preseason game between the Nets and the Boston Celtics on Sunday afternoon at Barclays Center, the Nets’ game host, Ally Love, explained to the crowd over the public address system that each quarter of the game would be abbreviated to 11 minutes from 12.

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